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In 2021, phygital is an excellent way and even THE way to differentiate yourself and bring more added value to your customers in store.

As phygital enthusiasts, we have been able, over the past few years, to learn and test a whole host of experiences that have allowed us to acquire expertise in the field.

Now that we have a real perspective on the do's and don'ts, we decided to share with you a list that will save you a lot of trouble.


Use Windows


If there is one thing that we do not control with Windows, it is updates. They can occur at any time and therefore make the customer experience disastrous.

Imagine an update triggering the moment your customer is enjoying the experience. It's unlikely, but we assure you, we've seen it before!

And there you say to yourself "we just have to disable the updates" know ladies and gentlemen that if you disable the updates you run the risk of having security breaches.

Moreover, who says phygital deployment says optimization of deployment and space costs. Well guess what? That's all Windows won't give you.

Windows requires a lot of resources, so in any case it is an OS to avoid during a phygital deployment.


Go through intermediaries


This mistake happens far too often and it costs you a lot of money. You really need to understand one thing, phygital is an expertise in its own right. Who says expertise in its own right says specialized company. There are some companies that do not fully master the deployment and are therefore forced to use more expensive electronic equipment than necessary. Others do not necessarily master the electronic part and are therefore obliged to subcontract it. Who says outsourcing says price increase. As soon as you think of digitizing your points of sale, you should not have the reflex that we find all the time so far, which is to go see classic com agencies. You have to go directly to the experts. Doing it this way will save you a lot of money.


Thinking it's bound to be expensive (thinking it's going to take a big investment from you)

Many think this because they are not addressing the right people. Being electronics experts ourselves, we design and produce everything ourselves! This allows us to limit costs (CPU type Raspberry PI 4 ... RFID readers ...). Unlike the web, there is only one screen size on which the app must be functional (no compatibility issues with IE, Chrome, FF, mobile, tablet...). You should also know that no investment is necessary in terms of traffic acquisition. In addition, the Digital Factory Paris development framework is cross-platform by default, which allows us to use our software on all platforms (iOS, Android, etc.) at no additional cost.

Thinking it replaces your sales reps


As experts, how many times have we been asked for an autonomous device so as to have fewer salaried staff in the store. We also heard a lot "yes, but it will replace our sales people..."


We can never repeat it enough, NO, a phygital device is not intended to replace humans, in other words your sales representatives. It is a tool that helps in sales, which can generate upselling, and cross selling.


Keep your number of salespeople, they will simply have a better working tool. You will keep the same charges but you will make more sales so you will still earn money. On the other hand, you will not earn more by reducing your number of salespeople. The time your salespeople spend talking to your customers is priceless, it brings real added value.


Not considering insights from your upstream sales force


Organize workshops, discuss with your teams. The problem today is that this exercise is not done enough.

Very often we have the Digital Director who thinks on his side, the Marketing Director on his side, the Retail Director...

When you want to deploy phygital projects, you cannot proceed in this way because phygital brings together notions of marketing, digital, retail, data, etc.


Everyone should have their say, from the Marketing Director to the Project Manager.


But unfortunately there is one person who is too often forgotten during these meetings and who must be able to express themselves from the start, it is the sales force. The decision-makers forget to invite to the table store managers who have experience in the field and who will guide the strategy so that it is even better adapted.


They forget them because they do not take into account the insights of their sales force

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